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Spring melts the ice 🤩 and not only! Come! where everything starts from 0%. From the 3rd to the 31st of March in Neptune you do not have to think about the prices because you can get payment options up to 48 installments for products like TVs - Refrigerators - Washing Machines - Washing Machines - Dishwashers - Ovens - Surprises and many more because we are the only ones with the Program "Sweet Home" where you can furnish the house with 0% INTEREST 👏
Offers continue with -25% Discount on All #Rowenta Cleaning Equipment and FOR THE FIRST TIME Double Benefit on #Philips Boiler Irons where you get them with -20% DISCOUNT and now a much-loved surprise for girls # #Philips i get with -10% DISCOUNT and CERTAINLY 0% Interest in installments up to 48 months.
Finally we suggest you visit the IT and entertainment category together with Smartphone because you benefit from the Best of Technology 🎯
By buying online you save time and money, because for every order over 10,000 lekë Shipping is FREE 💪
Neptune! Live better, every day.

Visit the store at Kristal Center

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